Agència Literària

Agència Literària


Hi! We’re The Foreign Office —TFO to friends— a Barcelona-based literary agency specialising in representing some of the best English-language publishers and literary agencies for the Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician and Portuguese markets. We also work with a select list of authors that we represent worldwide.


We offer a global service to agents and publishers, just as we do to authors, accompanying them through every stage of the delicate and exciting publishing process. We take close care of them so that their narrative goes far.

Captained by Teresa Vilarrubla, who founded the agency in 2009 with extensive experience in the sector, we combine industry knowledge with a great passion for literature. Narratives, marketing, letters, and numbers intertwine in a constantly evolving sector that we know very well.


We are experts in linking people who look for extraordinary stories with those who create them. We manage the intangible, but when faced with an interesting text we quickly move into action to take care of all the aspects involved in the life of a book.

Restless and on the move, we visit the London and Frankfurt book fairs every year. We also regularly attend the Bologna and Guadalajara book fairs.

Further, we belong to the Association of Spanish Literary Agencies.

Our work fascinates us and we never put off until tomorrow what we can read today.